Monday, August 3, 2009

Surviving on a low budget!

Dont want to go to work its just time to face the fact we are living on a low budget. Trying to stay stylish when funds aren't available. Shop with class on your mind. Marshalls is a great spot for clothes, shoes, and home decor. Just last week I found not one but two pair of Steve Madden strappy sandals. The first pair that caught my attention because they were so chic and because I am forced to ball on a budget were black patent leather sandals with gold detailing. They were so versatile because it allows me to dress up my favorite pair of jeans and also put them on with a cute freakum dress. Ladies we all know that when we buy shoes we would like them to go with a variety of our chic ensembles..okkkk!!!

The other pair were a nice brown leather sandal which was a must have because I love my neutral colors. The best thing was it did not break my pockets and I looked o so flyy. The cost you might ask?! 34.99 and 24.99 so if you are not quite where you want to be financially hey dont get discouraged because stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross just to name a few allow you and your humble abode to stay flyy. And fellas this is not just for ladies if you were not aware these stores have everything you need to keep your swagga on a hundred thousand trillion. The clothing brands for my fellas range from Polo, True Religion jeans, Ed Hardy and this list goes on.

And did I mention home decor...PLEASE!! Now you know if you out here all flyy and chic you gotta keep the domicile right too. You cant just be having people coming back to some half ass house. Let me tell you about Ross...I was in there checking out some home decor to try to keep the home contemporary and I found some mirrors that were niiiiiiiiiiiice!! I can show you better than I can tell you. They also even had stylish laundry baskets....forget those plastic white laundry baskets thats been with you through college its time to graduate.

Well to all my chicsters and chicettes this has been your daily dose of "The Daily Chic".

P.S. Shout out to the Housewives of Atlanta if someone dares to check your chicness ask them one thing, "Who gone check me boo?"

Chic Extraordinaire,


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  1. girl your blog was awesome and very informative!!!! Keep doing your thing and Im looking forward to the next post!!